Cataract surgeries

Cataract eye disease is caused by many causes. It has adverse effects on eyesight and the whole quality of human life. Fortunately the disease is in most cases surgically treatable. The cataract surgery includes the implantation of artificial intraocular lens which anatomically and functionally safely replaces the cataract damaged natural lenses.  Cataract surgery is paid from the national health care (except for VZP in our clinic)

Your eyesight will be just like when you were young due to many years of experience of our ophthalmology surgeons and the use of the latest materials and technologies.

What is the surgery process?

The ophthalmology clinic OFTEX offers the cataract removal during ambulant surgery, which lasts 10-15 minutes. Everything is performed with anaesthetics by means of eye drops application 30 minutes before the surgery.  The ophthalmology surgeon performs one incision of cornea with micro-scalpel at 1.8 mm length. This opening is used for draining the central part of the original blurred lens and place artificial intraocular lens in the formed case with calculated dioptre value. It is defined based on special biometry examination. The surgery is pain-free, you can feel minor pressure in your eye during the surgery.  You can leave home immediately after surgery with a patch over your eye.

The check-up is performed on the second day.

Antibiotics are dropped in eyes for 7 days after the operation.  The vision settles after about three weeks but the patient sees very well practically immediately after the surgery.  Ironically, the biggest problem after the operation is the fact that you see sharply and in colour scope you are not longer used to.  You will get used to the perception of the surrounding world gradually in several days.

During the implantation of monofocal lens, the dioptre value of the lens is calculated upon agreement with the patient to enable seeing without short sight and long sight glasses.  The second distance will require wearing glasses. There is also a possibility to calculate one eye for long distance and one for short distance. This method is called monovision. It can be used for people with healthy eyes and non-perfectionists.  It is not suitable for drivers.

If you do not want to look for glasses every time you want to read the newspaper, the ideal variant is the implantation of multifocal intraocular lens which enables great vision in short and long distance (for reading).

Additionally to surgeries

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