Dry eye syndrome

What is dry eye syndrome?

If you have red eyes, if you suffer from eye burning and tears, and you cannot look at anything in the evening, you probably suffer from dry eye syndrome.  What can be done?

It is important to establish the cause of dry eye syndrome.  In some cases the cause of dry eye can be general disease such as Sjögren syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, system lupus erythematodes, sarcoidoses, acne rosacea etc. The signs of dry eyes can be caused also by menopause or generally due to medicines such as antihistamines, hypnotics, beta-blockers, peroral contraception, or   Another cause is vitamin A insufficiency. Dry eye my be caused by the eyelid disease such as chronic blepharitis.  And in many cases the cause of the syndrome is never found.

The treatment of dry eye syndrome is the treatment of the basic disease, stopping using the medication, if it is the cause and can be stopped.  Local treatment naturally requires local provision of false tears, it is preferential to use false tears without preservative substances. Another step is the treatment of mechanical occlusion of lachrymal points – temporary of permanent.  Extreme states require the procedure known as partial tarsorrhaphy.


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