Eye test with mobile application

Otestujte si zrak v mobilní aplikaciEyesight testing by means of mobile application

Healthy people are gifted with five basic senses which enable the organism to accept specific type of information from the vicinity.  The information is accepted with a specialised organ. One of the five basic senses includes eyesight and the respective organ is an eye.

Eye is pair organ which enables vision.  It is important to know that the vision quality differs in all of us and it is up to us how we decide to treat the problems with vision.  Whether the eyesight deterioration is hereditary, medical, caused by accident or by age, it is always necessary to take care of our eyes. The eye is a gate to human soul and losing eyesight would be like losing part of oneself. 

We have therefore prepared a mobile application which enables free downloading in smartphones and performing eyesight quality testing directly from your home.

The eyesight test provides the inspection of astigmatism, which is a refractory defect causing incorrect light focus on the retina.  It is also possible to test the colour sensitivity and the differentiation abilities of human eye and recognise the eye defect in its beginning.   Cover alternatively and left and right eye and watch the pictures from 35 cm distance to test the sharpness of your vision on the colour base or discover the retina defect which is the most common cause of sharp vision deterioration and if untreated it can result in permanent blindness. 

Eye is a gate to human soul and losing eyesight would be like losing oneself. 

A simple and clear application contains a set of tests including the review of eye defects such as cataract, vitreous humour inflammation, dry eye syndrome, or accommodation defect, including information on the eye defect solution by means of surgery.

This application provides useful information on the eye anatomy by means of clear picture displaying all important parts including the description.  The application also contains the zoom, glossary, and button with the option of immediate appointment for specialist examination at OFTEX.

We will do the maximum for your healthy eyesight. We are looking forward to your visit, the team of OFTEX ophthalmology clinics, centre, and optometrists. 

Example of our mobile application for eyesight testing 

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