but you must see the doctor in time

The prevention is the best you can do for healthy eyes. It is twice as important in case of glaucoma. It is a disease which cannot be simply detected. It is revealed when it is late for treatment. Unlike cataract it cannot be simply removed.

If you are over 40, do not hesitate and go to preventative examination. Up to 80 % if information from your vicinity is provided by your eyesight. .

Glaucoma is the disease affecting the front eye chamber, which is the area between iris, lens, and cornea. A liquid is formed there which automatically flows out under common conditions.  During glaucoma, the liquid for some reasons stops flowing out of the front eye chamber and starts increasing intraocular pressure.  This pressure affects all structures inside the eye and starts damaging the fibres of eye nerve which may result in blindness. 

Glaucoma cannot be revealed 

The trickiness of glaucoma is in the initial development without signs, and the defect which develops on the eye nerve later is irreversible. Therefore do not rely on going to see the doctor when you have already experienced the problems. Increased intraocular pressure damages the eye nerve which is indicated by the formation of blind points in the eye field.

You will probably not notice anything during the everyday activities until your eye nerve is damaged so significantly that minor points increase considerably.  Half of the patients with glaucoma does not even have increased intraocular pressure during the first examination.  It changes significantly during the day and just one examination does not reveal the developing glaucoma.

Some people are more susceptive to glaucoma.  Genetics is also important and you should be aware of anyone in the family suffering from this disease. 

Glaucoma treatment  

In case of glaucoma diagnosis in early stage, just use the drops.  Just one drop before sleep can save you from the disease for the rest of your life. Most medicines are supplied in the form of drops. Correct drop application is very important; it ensures the maximum amount of the active substance reaching the eye. Eye drops are applied in the conjunctiva area after pulling the lower eyelid away.  

Useful advice to maintain healthy eyes

Observe regular preventative eye examinations at your ophthalmologist.  If you suffer from eye defect, we recommend preventative eyesight examination once in 2 years, after 40, visit your ophthalmologist every year.

Pay attention to all eye medical problems of your whole family, particularly your parents, siblings, and children.

Observe the principles of healthy lifestyle.

Sharp vision depends on sufficient supply of healthy and balanced diet, including vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and other diet supplements.  Very important vitamins include A, C and E, diet rich in omega fatty acids and leave vegetables. Lutein and zeaxanthin additionally protect the yellow stain and eye retina.  Eye hygiene is also very important because correct eye care helps protecting from chronic tiredness, stress, and infections.

Healthy lifestyle includes care for ideal weight, regular physical activity, regular blood pressure inspections, sugar and cholesterol level, at your family physician.  Smoking and alcohol significantly damages health and your eyes.  You should avoid it completely!

Chronic eye tiredness occurs particularly at the computer screens and TVs where we spend a lot of time.  Prevent the computer vision syndrome. We have few hints how to do it:

  • During work at the computer, watching TV or during reading keep fresh. During every hour, remove your eyes from the monitor or the book for at least 5 minutes and look in the distance or just close your eyes.
  • Blink regularly. Blinking helps to moisten cornea and protects eyes against the occurrence of so called dry eye syndrome.
  • If you drive a car and are heading for a long distance drive, regularly focus your eyes with a short look at the dashboard.  It releases eye muscles and prevents their overloading. 

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