History of OFTEX

OFTEX- web of private clinics and optic saloons in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to provide medical services of high quality - improving of vision of our clients. Our web has two hundred employees from few regions of the Czech Republic and we have specialists from several countries.

At the market of elevating vision we have been working for almost 15 years. In some towns we work in our own privately owned buildings and in other towns we rent space from state hospitals.

Our web provides services which elevate vision of our clients with the help of treatment of eye diseases using therapeutic and surgical methods, and with the help of non-medical ways (glasses and contact lenses). Other way that we perform is esthetical and plastic ocular surgery for our clients on their request or our recommendation. According to it we have two logos. The first one is – client is at the first place – logo of our success. The second logo – we will open your eyes – logo that says everybody that we will resolve your problem even if you think it is very hard and when a client feels that nobody can fix it. We have 12 peripheral clinics which work in towns with from 10 to 30 thousands citizens. But in a case of very specific problem or in a case that this problem can be resolved in a small clinic or the problem can be resolved only with surgical help, peripheral clinics send this clients to central clinic in Pardubice which specializes in ocular surgery.

Like each private structure we are trying to reach profit which is based on Pareto rule of 80/20.

Our structure receives 80 percent of the profit from general consultations and surgical treatment of our patients - consulting and treatments with drugs and surgical treatment with use of implants, lasers, eye injections. 20 percent of profit is a result of sales of drugs, products of paramedical help (glasses and contact lenses) and profit from using medical equipment. Our services and our products are instruments on the way of making life better for our clients.

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