Monika Mašková, Plzeň

‚My name is Monika Mašková. I was born in Pilsen, slightly prematurely and the incubator caused that I almost lost my eyesight. I graduated at Jan Deyl Conservatory for Visually Impaired Students in Prague in solo singing at MgA.  Daniela Štěpánová-Šimůnková and grand piano at prof. Otakar Kohl. I graduated in 1995. Then I started teaching singing and grand piano at Elementary Art School in Nýřany, Nepomuk, and Bovice in west Bohemia.  At the same time I have organised many fund-raising concerts, e.g. for Children Cell in Blovice or fund-raising concert for citizens’ association HE-PA or for Helping Paws (they specialise in training and breeding of therapy dogs), and other. From 1997, I am in folk-pop band  PESASPOL together with Pavel Toman and Zdeněk Jandík. The name of the band is inspired by the existence of my first guiding dog Miki. I play keyboards, sing, and compose songs. In 2007, I married a blind masseur Petr Mašek and we have two beautiful daughters Kačenka and Anička, and I moved to Pardubice region. Currently I am an active signer – together with Art club Přelouč I organise fund-raising and Christmas concerts, and I am trying to succeed as a performer within classical music. I am also active as singing and grand piano lecturer. I cooperate with pianist MgA. Radomíra Šlégrová, who has been accompanying me for many years.. My hobbies include Czech Musical – I hosted e.g. at the concert of famous musical start M. Vojtko in Prague Uhříněves. I also like to read good books, and after adding family to it, I have no time for anything else.  Successes: 3. Place in Conservatory Competition in Pardubice, Honourable mention of A. Kucharský in the same competition, participation at International competition of visually impaired musicians in Mariánské Lázně and in Prague, participation at International Singing Competition of A. Dvořák in Karlovy Vary.  Recorded CDs: Pesaspol 1 – folk-pop group (2001) Monika Kyselová and Radek Žalud, Live – Czech Musical 2005 Monika Mašková: Procházka staletími – classical music (2013). Currently I am working on the second CD of Pesaspol. Four years ago with the help of Sylva Dymáková I was lucky to get to Vladimír Korda. It included the removal of cataract. It would be nothing weird if I did not suffer from four more defects. The surgery was not simple at all. The result was the best possible. I visit the clinic approximately every six months. Mr Head Physician is interested in my life, my activities.  On this occasion we started talking about my concerts.  Everybody knows that if you are not the highlight of pop scene it is not ideal for living. After some time, Mr. Korda called me and offered sponsorship of  20.000 CZK. I have used a part of the donation to repay the reading device with voice output - for those who do not know the device I will briefly introduce it.  You place a template in the scanner, it scans it a uses artificial voice to read it without the need of computer.  Since I am a passionate reader, this device is very important for me. And I can also read my mail which I receive in printed form, etc. I also decided to purchase a keyboard for signing and grand piano teaching, for the group, potentially as a mobile piano for concerts.  Additionally, Mr. Korda sponsors the concerts organised with the Art Club Přelouč.  We are happy to help to promote Oftex. I have to say that during the time I have been visiting the clinic I have never experienced any bad attitude; the whole team is completely professional, and I am very grateful.  and what do I appreciate most? From other visually impaired persons, who visit other clinics, very well known in the Czech Republic, most promise miracles but never highlight the risks. There are always risks, Mr. Korda told me we could do the cornea operation but there are four more defects.  One would be solved and other could deteriorate.  It is very compassionate.  To avoid any misunderstandings, Mr Head Physician is great in his profession and also compassionate.  And I am very grateful for such attitude.  “

Monika Mašková

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