Operation – removal of reading glasses

If you wear glasses for long-sightedness, short-sightedness or for reading and it makes your life very complicated, do not despair.  After turning forty, there is more elegant method to stop wearing glasses and see like in the young age and fully enjoy life. The solution includes the latest intraocular lenses, i.e. trifocal eye lenses, which guarantee quality vision in all distances without glasses and for the rest of your life.

Can people after forty see better than in the young age?

What about cases of people who saw completely sharp at young age but their vision is getting worse with the years? Reading newspaper, menu in a restaurant, email or sms is becoming an unbearable problem. You cannot stop time. The ability of flexible focus of lens deteriorates with age. It is caused by lens drying after the age of forty and it loses its original ability to flexibly and quickly change its shape.  As a result, it does not create the required number of dioptres for sharp vision.  Reading spectacles are a classic solution. Many people really mind spectacles, e.g. during sport, the glass becomes misty during temperature change, regardless the switching and permanent looking for glasses for long and short distance.

OFTEX ophthalmology clinic offers effective solution with permanent result, the implantation of artificial multifocal or trifocal lens.  It includes a simple pain-free procedure of unique intraocular lens implantation in the patient's eye instead of the original lens.  Considering the surgery cut is solely up to two millimetres, there is no stitch required, the whole procedure is performed via outpatient method, and the patient just leaves home with patched eye. The patch can be removed on the following day and he/ she can read without glasses. If he/ she works in administration, nothing prevents him/ her to go to work.

After the procedure the patients can read even the smallest letters they could read in younger age.  And glasses are no longer required.  Perfectly sharp vision, absolutely clear image, and colour scale.  The clearness and sharpness of the colours can be surprising at first.  It takes up to two months for the patient’s brain to adjust to perfect technical parameters of the new ‘artificial lens’.

What is better? Multifocal or trifocal lens?

Both lenses perfectly focus in long and short distance.  During the decision on the type of lens it is important to know the lifestyle and working environment, where the patient lives. The goal should be the aim to use the potential received from the operation intervention. Trifocal lens introduces perfect vision in short and long distance, the third shorter distance up to 70 centimetres, which will be appreciated by people working on computer of interested in manual work and craft. 

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