Plastic surgery of eyelids and face

Operation of eyelids (removal of excessive skin)

One of the most performed plastic surgeries in the face area is blefaroplastics. During this procedure the unsightly excessive skin is removed from the upper and lower eyelids.  Upon agreement with the patient and the state of the tissue, the surgery of eye lids can be performed independently on upper or lower eyelids or the procedure can be combined.  The result is younger look.

Overlapping or excessive eyelids do not represent solely appearance defects but also function defects, causing the feeling of tiredness, sore eyes, tears in eyes, deteriorated vision, headache, etc. Prior to the procedure it is suitable to consult the surgeon.  He/ she will discuss the expectations from the procedure, the scope of the procedure, the performance period, and the recovery time, and you will get to know if your requirement can be fulfilled.

The incision locations will be marked during the surgery; the anaesthetics will be injected in the location.  The surgeon will remove the excess skin carefully with the fat tissue which pressed under the eye round muscle; the eyelids are smooth after the surgery and there is no skin folding after opening eyes on the upper eyelids, and no ‘bags’ on lower eyelids. The scar on the upper eyelid is not noticeable when the eyes are open, and nobody will notice it upon observing post surgery care of the scar.

During the operation of the lower eyelids the incision is just under the edge so the scar is not visible later.  The operation does not remove the wrinkles at the outer edge of the eye corner.  Apply cream on the scar during the following week. We recommend wearing dark glasses next week. The patients are sometimes a little surprised by their look several days after the operation but the swelling and potential skin bleeding (hematoma) will settle after some time.   The cosmetic effect can be expected in 10 to 12 weeks. 

Procedures on lachrymal passages

The procedures on lachrymal passages are the last solution during the solution with excessive lachrymation. In most cases it includes the state when the lachrymal passages are narrowed or closed and they must be free by means of probes. We perform the rinsing of lachrymal passages in permanently inflamed diseases in lachrymal passage.  Cannula is inserted in the outlet in the edge of the lower eyelid and the lachrymal passages are rinsed.  The procedure is performed in local anaesthesia. 


Do you need to get rid off a wart on the eyelid, bags under eyes or wrinkles, the ophthalmology surgeons in our clinic are the right choice.  The ophthalmology surgeons are known for their fine skills and sensitivity.  All procedures are performed via outpatient method with the shortest time from consulting potentially as required.  All above procedures are a cosmetic matter and they are not paid from the health care insurance.

Additionally to surgeries

Read more about the services we provide. Do you want examination? Use the possibility of professional examination in the network of our ophthalmology centres or directly at OFTEX ophthalmology clinic. Our results are supported by quality team of experienced professionals. Look at the experience with our clinic. reference from our patients will confirm that we are the right option for your eyes.

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