Prevention and eye examinations

Do you feel you see well? Do you have any subjective complaints (e.g. blurred vision, burning, tears, etc.) after reading for a longer time or working by a computer?

Have your eyes and your family members' eyes regularly examined

Do you know you should have your eyes regularly tested at your ophthalmologist? Have you got any idea about the interval of regular eye examination of children, adults, and senior citizens?

Ophthalmology clinic OFTEX physicians recommend their patients to regularly visit the ophthalmologist at least once in two years. If you are over forty you should visit the ophthalmologist once year.  Children, especially with dioptre and other defect, should pass preventative eye examination every year.

Preventative eye examination

Preventative eyesight examination is available within the network of OFTEX in ophthalmology centres and optometry which best suit your ideas.  You can make appointment online, personally, and by email.  There is nothing to worry about, our team of experience professionals guarantees pain free eyesight examination in a pleasant environment and individual approach to all your requirements.  Eyesight and eye examination is performed in top equipped centres with the latest machines.  This gives you the certainty of fast and accurate diagnose, which will be explained by the OFTEX team physicians and they will propose the best  treatment methods. 

The process of the first eye examination 
  • First interview
  • Eye examination
  • Examination conclusion

The result of the whole process is the establishment of the actual state of the patient’s eyesight, the proposal of further plan for preventative examinations or the treatment of found eyesight defect (conservative or operation).

Further detailed eyesight examination 

If the first preventative examination by OFTEX ophthalmologist discloses eyesight defect or another problem, he/ she will make an appointment for additional examination within the nearest deadline, and in OFTEX network ophthalmology clinic which is most suitable.  After the examination and consequent inspection, the ophthalmologist will evaluate the results and notify you of the treatment options and other important information related to your treatment and consequent care. 

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