Retina surgery

Erudite ophthalmology surgeons in OFTEX ophthalmology clinic have specialised in the treatment and operation of serious retina diseases for many years.  It includes particularly bleeding in vitreous humour, degeneration retina disease, retina deflection, and macular hole surgery. 

Do not worry about your disease, we will certainly help you. 

Surgery treatment of retina diseases 

All procedures are performed with the latest surgery technology and with local anaesthetics.  The surgery incision is just 0.6 mm and it represents minimum surgery load for the patient.

We focus on the treatment of age-related macular degeneration.  The disease is the most frequent cause of practical blindness in civilised countries and the signs include twisted vision and the loss of central eyesight. One of the medical methods used at OFTEX ophthalmology clinic for the eyesight improvement includes intraocular application of special medication. .

Further operations performed at our clinic include macular peeling, operation of macular holes, retina detachment and other. All operations are performed under local anaesthetics by means of the latest and considerate methods of vitrectomy. 

Macular peeling

Macular peeling must be performed in cases when a membrane is created above the place with the sharpest vision which deteriorates vision and other complications are impending. The surgeon releases and removes vitreous humour by 0.6 mm surge incision.  The rear vitreous humour membrane is removed because it may complicate the macular oedema absorption die to created pressure.   Subsequent removal (peeling) if the retina surface membrane results in complete pressure release.  Retina can then straighten up. 

Macular hole surgery 

The cause of macular hole occurrence is mostly unknown. It may result from non detached vitreous humour which may cause the hole in macula during its contraction.  The operation intervention aims to close the hole, straighten the curved lines which results in reduced complaints and the vision sharpness improvement.  Full vision recovery is exceptional.

Complete vision regeneration may not be achieved in all cases.  The vitrectomy method is used for removing the vitreous humour, particularly the rear vitreous humour membrane attached to retina. In order to ensure better healing, the top retina membrane is also removed within the whole macula scope. Finally, gas bubble is placed in the eye which presses on the hole edges.  To ensure the bubble presses directly on macula, it is necessary to observe the ‘on stomach’ position for the next 7 days, i.e. sitting, bent over looking down.

Operation of retina amotion 

Retina detachment can occur after cracks, which can be treated with laser. If liquid is present under the crack, the detachment occurs and it requires surgery. The operation is performed via the vitrectomy method. The vitreous humour and the rear vitreous humour membrane are removed. The detached retina is then attached and fastened by means of laser treatment.  The retina humour area is filled with gas or silicone oil depending on seriousness, which presses the retina to the rear eyeball side. After the procedure it is necessary to observe the bent over position.


We provide comprehensive range of retina micro-surgery at OFTEX ophthalmology clinic  . All procedures are performed via the out-patient method and within the shortest waiting period; in acute cases on the second day.

The surgeries at ophthalmology clinic OFTEX are paid from medical insurance of all insurance companies except for VZP (111).

Additionally to surgeries

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