Surgery of vitreous humour inflammation

The most frequent disease of vitreous humour includes inflammations. The inflammations are small semi-transparent or black flies, spots, and fibres which can be perceived particularly in the central part of vision. The patient usually feel there is something swimming in their eye. Every patient perceives the inflations completely differently and is differently sensitive to minor flying accumulations of eye vitreous humour.

Considering the ophthalmologist, this disease is completely harmless but the vitreous humour inflammations can be unpleasant even irritating for the patient.  OFTEX ophthalmology clinic and its professionals have been focusing on the treatment of vitreous humour inflammations and they have great results and experience with the treatment.

The surgery incision does not require stitching, it heals naturally. 

There are two methods for the vitreous humour inflammations. The first method is the inflammation interruption with YAG laser, which is suitable particularly for large individual inflammations.  The surgeon uses this intervention to interrupt large inflammations to smaller, not perceived inflammations by the patient, a part of the interrupted inflammations us absorbed, i.e. disappears completely.  This improves vision.  This method has its restrictions, the location of the inflammations to the retina must be carefully considered.

The second method for vitreous humour removal is called vitrectomy (PPV - pars plana vitrektomy). This operation method due to its development is the current modern method to remove the vitreous humour inflammations. Vitectomy is based on the removal of the whole vitreous humour which results in the removal of inflammations. The vitreous humour area is then replaced with the infusion liquid which has the same properties as the vitreous humour.  

Vitrectomy is a demanding surgical method, however the results clearly prevail over the surgery related risks. Your ophthalmologist will advice you on the ideal method for you.

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