Types of eye examination with machines


It is a fast non-contact examination used for measuring dioptre defects and cornea curvature. The examination is very simple, it is based on monitoring the image.


It is a fast contact free examination to discover pressure in the eye by means of air flow. The examination is suitable as prevention of glaucoma in patients over 40 years.


It is contact free examination to establish the cornea thickness.  The cornea thickness is data required for correct specification on intraocular pressure.


It is contact free examination of the field of vision providing information on the vision system.  It discloses the failures in the field of vision and defects of peripheral vision. The examination is used mostly as the prevention , for monitoring the glaucoma state and during neurological diseases.

OCT (optic coherent tomography)

It includes the examination of retina and optic nerve performed with eye drops in most cases.  OCT during several seconds scans the retina and creates the cross section of eye background and the optic nerve. It is used mostly during the retina disease and for glaucoma.  It analyses the layers and specifies the number of nerve fibres in the optic nerve. The selected ophthalmology centres OFTEX are equipped with OCT devices.


It is another contact free examination of optic nerve used for monitoring glaucoma. The results of HRT, created images, provide the material defining the level and development of glaucoma state.


It is contact free examination of the eye front part.  It discloses mostly the regularity of the whole cornea curvature and its accurate thickness.

IOL Master

It is contact free examination which provides information on eye dimensions. It is used as pre-surgery examination for cataract, before intervention for the dioptre removal, and also fir monitoring the dioptre defect development in children and adults.

Endothelial microscope

It is a machine which in a very short time manages to define the number , shape, and total quality of endothelial cells in cornea.  The endothelial cells are responsible for the nutrition of cornea and its transparency.

I - trace

It is an examination which displays the true vision of the patient.  It is used for the examination of the eye front part. The examination ranks amongst above-standard procedures and it is a new item in our clinic in 2016.

Ultrasound - Hi Scan Sono

The latest ultrasound device which enables the physician to see the locations of an eye and its vicinity which are not commonly visible even by machines for eye examinations. It is non invasive, pain free, and fast examination.

Fundus Camera

It is a special retina camera which records the state of retina even without drops.  The recorded state of the eye retina can be compared in time.


It is a mobile device for measuring the dioptres in the eye which is used during examination, even of small children or mobile patients.

Contrast sensitivity

It is eye examination which displays the sensitivity and fine details of eyesight under reduced light conditions.  High contrast sensitivity is required by people professions such as: Drivers, pilots, traffic controllers, printers.

Testing the binocular functions

It is a set of examinations which test the quality of mutual cooperation of both eyes and colour sensitivity.

FAG – fluorescein angiography

FAG examination is used for the diagnostics and evaluation of eye background state. The examination provides information on blood flow in the eye rear part.

Maddox cross or the examination by means of polarising foils

Fast examination to find out hidden squinting or accurate specification of obvious squinting angle.  It is used for subjective difficulties during double vision and before refractory surgeries.


The examination performed on Fundus Camera which manages to quickly monitor the state of the front and rear eye segment.  The examination requires to widen the pupils. Special filter enables to take a photo of retina and analyses the layer of cones in the sharpest vision location. Their number keeps dropping in the degeneration and inflammation diseases in this area.

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